Ankle Joint Pain

Of all the leg injuries we discuss about on this site, ankle injury is the most reported case of physical accident in the U.S, especially among athletes. Any fall, car accident or disease can be responsible of this mischance. The ankle is narrowest part of our legs, that in some people is so very thin, but it is composed of many tendons, ligaments and bones which can be easily harmed.

Explaining ankle joint pain

The problem ankles most have is ankle sprain, which occurs exactly in the outside and/or inside ligaments of the ankle. Athletes usually experiment this type of strain. Less frequent, but more serious is ankle fracture, which requires the use of an ankle cast, ankle brace or ankle splint, or even an ankle surgery since this can really affect the normal mobility of the patient.

Achilles’ heel is a large tendon that bonds to the heel bone from behind the ankle. This tendon presents the risk of sprain or injury, particularly during the practice of sports and with age.  

When an ankle fracture happens, an extreme pain is the first symptom, followed by swelling, sore, and problems to walk and move your foot/feet. 

Besides these ankle injuries, ankle pain is produced by bone-muscular conditions such as:

-    Tendonitis
-    Ankle twisting
-    Arthritis
-    Rheumatoid arthritis
-    Broken ankle
-    Heel bone spur
-    Achilles’ tendon bursitis
-    Sciatic pain

Seriousness of Ankle Joint Injury

There are three grades of ankle injury intensity:

- First grade: Stretching of the ankle ligaments with no tear of the collagen fibers.
- Second grade: Partial tearing of the ligaments fibers
- Third grade: Total tearing of the ankle joint.

Other types of Ankle Problems

Other type of ankle problem is present in pregnant women: Swelling in ankle . As pregnancy advances, your body gets bigger and heavier, putting more pressure over your leg veins, this impairs the flow of blood to the heart, causing the accumulation of fluids into legs, feet and ankles. This gets much worse especially at the end of every day and during hot season.

Although, ankle swelling during pregnancy is normal, beware is this swelling if focused in one leg only, this may indicate the looming of a blood clot. If swelling gets stronger and is accompanied by headaches and vision problems, this can undoubtedly be a sign of preeclampsia, a serious condition that produces convulsions in the patient.

Overweight people can also present pain, swelling and inflammation in ankles as a similar result of the pressure of their bodies over their lower limbs and a weak venous system.

Solution for Ankle Recovery: Leg Wedge Pillow

Nothing can beat something as wonderful as resting over the most comfortable support for your ankles, whether to recover from a simple injury or from an ankle fracture.

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With the Leg Wedge Pillow, standing your ankle recovery would be as good as it gets: Legs and feet, comfortably and correctly supported according to ergonomic guidelines to treat and prevent the different conditions of the bone-muscular systems.

As doctors recommend, lying on your side and taking your legs some inches up can help promote the free circulation of blood and fluids. The Leg Wedge Pillow, rolled up in the hourglass mode, puts your legs and feet up to the same level of your upper body to keep your spine aligned and release blood circulation to strengthen and restore your muscular tissues and ligaments while you sleep.

Give a break to your legs, sit down comfortably and place your fractured or sprained ankle over the Leg Wedge Pillow as a feet spacer or ankle positioner bear the weight for your back and low back pain relief.

As you can see, with this orthopedic pillow you can not only heal, but moreover, prevent further conditions that affect your physical health and sleep quality.

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