Arthritis Special: Coping with knee arthritis

Arthritis is a severe and complex degenerative disease that covers over 100 derived conditions as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, among the most common. What all arthritis conditions have in common is a persistent joint pain, which may appear in different hot spots of the body: hip joint pain, knee pain, hands, ankle bone pain, elbows, shoulders and wrists.

Clearing Misconceptions about Arthritis

Arthritis is a disease of many contradictions and unresolved questions. So far there is no definite cure, but there are different treatments that help you cope with the symptoms and stop the advance of the disease. However, it is important to clear up some misconceptions and popular myths created around this condition:

-Only happens to the old: It is usually believed as a disease of old people due tot eh degeneration of the connective and bone systems, but actually arthritis may affect people of all ages, including children.
-It is cold weather’s fault: It has been largely considered cold temperature as the main trigger of arthritis. For this, exposure to warm temperature used to be recommended. Nevertheless, people of warm climates may also present arthritis as the ones who live in the cold.
-A poor diet makes you prone to arthritis: there is no scientific evidence that certain foods may be related to arthritis. Though, a well-balanced die is vital to maintain a normal weight; overweight adds more pressure to your joints.
-Arthritis is just a nagging pain: It is widely ignored that arthritis can reach severe degrees that may lead to physical deformation and movement inability that can seriously affect a person’s life.

Early diagnosis, as with any other disease, can save you further suffering and undesired consequences. Ignoring the pain will not help much; on the contrary it means a waste of the valuable chance of stopping it on time. It is the pain, more than the inflammation the real challenge of arthritis.

Arthritis in knee

The type of arthritis knee most people have is osteoarthritis, a progressive degeneration of the protective cartilage of the knee joints.
It is very important to know if you are prone to develop this condition, so you can follow the necessary preventive actions. Check out if you have a high risk of suffering Arthritis in Knees:

-    Are you pushing base 5?
-    Are you overweight?
-    Does anyone in your family have it?
-    Do you exceed yourself with sports?
-    Have you suffered any tear, trauma or fracture?

Besides, people who suffer other conditions may eventually develop arthritis. You should be aware of this, so you can prevent it. Keep in mind that you must be at a higher risk of having arthritis if you present:

-    Limited motion
-    Aching knee cap pain after any activity (especially sports)
-    Joint tenderness
-    Knee stiffness
-    Joint swelling
-    You feel you can go on anymore

Techniques to deal with the knee pain arthritis

Even if the pain is mild, when it is constant it can become a real pet peeve that makes it hard for you to keep on with your daily life, which can produce to you injury repetitive stress, depression, anxiety and bad mood. At night, pain may deprive you from sleep, worsening your mental state and weakening your body.

Some useful and natural ways you can take over your pain are:

- Self-talk: Delete the negative thoughts from your mind and introduce encouraging and positive thoughts that impulse you to go on.
- Relaxation: Lie on a flat surface in a calm place and start concentrating on the sensations of your body, starting from your toes. Continue moving forward, releasing the tension on each part. This is very helpful when trying to catch sleep.
- Distraction and entertaining: Spending time thinking of your ailments is worse. Getting busy in any manual or intellectual activity will take your mind away from noxious thoughts.
- Breathing exercises: Breathe long and slowly focusing on how the air runs through your chest and your aching joint(s).

Leg Wedge Pillow: Your best ally to cope with arthritis knee pain

Living with arthritis of the knee makes you deserve all the facilities to carry on with your day-to-day life in the most normal and comfortable way as possible.

The Leg Wedge Pillow can be the reliving tool and aid you’ve searching for so long. With this amazing therapeutic pillow you can:

- Put in practice the techniques to deal with arthritis knee pain when you use it as a leg spacer.
-  Allows a fast and good recovery of the knee joint cartilage, so it can stay healthy for long time with no risk of re-injury.
-  Improve your bone system condition by keeping a correct alignment of all your body when you use it as a leg wedge.
-  Have a special supporting surface anywhere you go when you use it as a leg spacer or leg wedge.

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