Beautiful legs, with no vein varicose on them

Our circulatory system is formed by arteries, capillaries and many groups of veins. It is in the Long Saphenous Vein (LSV) where varicose veins have their origin. This vein and its tributaries run from your foot, the inner side of your cal

Circulation in legs: Find out if yours is fine

All the parts of our body are connected to the heart and there is an interconnection of blood flow between them that allow them to move and function normally. Poor circulation in legs is one of the most common problems both women and men have to

Ever heard about Claudication?

Despite of not being a household name, Claudication or ?limping? is another circulation problem you must be aware of. This circulation legs problem causes pain while during physical activity that makes you walk with a gimp pace and i

How can I prevent spider veins?

If you have noticed the bulging of small red and blue veins in your legs ?and face too-, you have spider veins, which receive its name because of their resemblance they have to spider webs. Spider veins appear most commonly in legs

Sleep positions: The Side Sleeper

Your sleeping position is very important for your physical and mental health. People generally have three main sleeping positions: Side sleeping, back sleeping and stomach sleeping; considered the first two the most convenient. Sleeping on you

Watch out for leg pain!

Leg pain is becoming more common among both sexes. It used to be thought that women up to their 50?s were the only ones, due to their physical constitution, prone to suffer from poor leg circulation, spider veins and varicose veins.

Leg Wedge Pillow for recovery after surgery

Undergoing a leg surgery or any other surgery demands a series of care measures before and after the procedure. Most patients are concerned of the importance they have to put in getting ready for their operation, but what they must be concerned

Ouch...Leg cramps!

Have you ever been waken up at night by a slashing stroke on your leg? Some people may get very nervous by this sudden stroke that seems having taken over your legs. This episode is a leg cramp, involuntary contraction of a muscle or group of

Blood circulation high risk: Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT)

A higher degree of varicose veins condition is Deep Venous Thrombosis that consists on the formation of a thrombus or blood clot in the deep veins, in the calves or thighs. DVT is a rare disease; the average is of 1 or 2 out of 1 000, particula

Arthritis Special: Coping with knee arthritis

Arthritis is a severe and complex degenerative disease that covers over 100 derived conditions as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, among the most common. The symptoms of this challenging disease present in an average of 1 out of 3 adults in the United States.

What makes of Leg Wedge Pillow the Best

If you have been doing your online search for leg pillows you might have been astonished by the great offer and demand of wedge pillows. What is behind this fever? More than a fashion affair, it is a health concern for quality of life among sle

Don't let stress take over your legs

Relax and enjoy of the moment, after a long haul isn?t it great to fall in bed, with your arms and legs loose, liberated?free from the pressure of tight clothes and uncomfortable positions all day long? With the daily grind the mo

Fancy a legs massage?

One of the greatest small things in life is a massage. A leg massage may be simple to do and free to get, but the gratification you can get from it is infinite. All the stress you are holding on your back can go away in just some seconds of reli

Sports Recovery Pillow

For professional or amateur sportspeople, sports recovery time after practicing their favourite sport is precious. No matter the type of physical activity you do, giving a break to your body to refuel the batteries is always necessary to keep it

Can't stand the leg cast?

If you have got the bad chance of getting a broken leg, contusion, fracture or sprain you know you have to take special care for your legs, mostly at night when you want to rest the most, but have to lay on a position you are not used to. Depe

Leg bruising, leg wounds and other leg ailments

Who hasn?t got a leg bruise ever? Bruises are not rare thing; they can affect any part of our body, anytime, anywhere. Unlike other bruises in other parts of the body leg bruises particularly last longer because gravity spreads the blemish

Diabetic Foot and foot injuries in diabetic people

A particular complication of diabetes is a condition called Neuropathy or Nervous System Impairment or nerve damage that mainly affects feet and hands. In simple words, the diabetic patient can not feel right away if he has been hurt. Since it h

Lift up the Foot Drop

It is pretty amazing the different types of foot problems there exist, and how neglected we have them precisely for ignoring about them. So, here we are going to explore one more foot problem, foot drop, which is referred as drop foot too. Thi

Heel that pain

Every time you walk you feel like somebody is pulling your feet? Do they feel heavy? Can?t resist your shoes anymore? When you practice your favorite sport you feel tenderness on the back of your feet? Are your heels inflamed and swollen?

No lies on hip joint pain

If you have it yourself or one of your loved-ones suffer from hip pain, we know this will be of your utter interest. What is the deal with hip joint? It connects the thigh bone to the pelvic bone. It is one of the most flexible joints in our b

Orthopedic Health Awareness

Our legs and feet are a precious gift and their value is infinite. They are the supporting base of all our body and our only and original means of transportation. However, we usually tend to abuse from them without noticing it, relying on thei

The Pregnancy Pillow for leg support

Being on the family way is one of the most wonderful experiences for a woman, but when the baby is born and the pain is gone. In the meantime, the nine months of expectancy brings many challenges to the future mom. One of the hardest is catchin

Got a leg broken ?

Accidents happen, nobody is free of them even though you are the most careful person in the world?because other people out there are not. Getting a leg broken is not the funniest of the experiences, anyone who has had one knows how trou

Knee pain: Why being so hard on your knees?

Knee pain can be displayed as a stingy pain when climbing up the stairs, running, jumping or simply walking. It is the most common physical complaint most people have. As a consequence of too much effort and harshness we put in our activities.

Look out down your legs: Ankle joint pain

Of all the leg injuries we discuss about on this site, ankle injury is the most reported case of physical accident in the U.S, especially among athletes, but any inadvertent fall, car accident or disease can be responsible of this mischance. The

Lower Back Pain: What's behind pain in back?

You have any idea how much pressure and strain you are putting on your back? Did you know that sleeping the way you do makes your back pay the piper? Although your back takes the worst part, your neck suffers, your shoulders, and also your legs

Restless Legs Syndrome

Can?t get a grip on that restless leg? Nothing seems to stop that fidgety pair? Can?t figure out why they want to move so much? It is not a strange mania or the product of a stressing day; it is Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) or Ekbom