Circulation in legs: Find out if yours is fine

All the parts of our body are connected to the heart and there is an interconnection of blood flow between them that allow them to move and function normally. Poor circulation in legs is one of the most common problems both women and men have to cope with when leg veins, leg arteries and capillaries are not working well.

First alert signs of Circulatory Problems in Legs

- Pain and leg cramps, buttocks, and feet during our activities and a sensation of fatigue, and while sleeping or staying immobile during a long time.
- Numbness and tingling in feet and toes.
- Leg swelling that makes you feel tired.
- Intermittent claudication.
- You may also feel that feet fall asleep or get cold.
- Slower healing of sores, infections and wounds.
- When the condition worsens, you may find a  blood clot, strong pain in legs, feet and even discoloration in these parts (skin gets pale, reddish or bluish).

And how is this problem produced?

Most cases of poor leg circulation are generated by Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD). This disease involves the vessels, arteries and veins surrounding the heart. It receives the name of Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) when it affects specifically the arteries. PAD takes place when fatty substances build up in the arteries walls, obstructing the passage of blood through them. The formation of this plaque, medically known as atherosclerosis takes time that is why it is identified in older people mainly.

What can cause poor legs circulation?

These problems can be triggered by conditions such as: diabetic foot, smoking, excess of weight, sedentarism, high levels of cholesterol, high blood pressure, poor diet, leg pain during pregnancy, and staying in an uncomfortable position for prolonged time.

Ways to avoid poor circulation in legs

In order to avoid the progress of this disease, the patient has to dedicate special care to her legs and feet. For this, Leg Wedge Pillow provides you a soft, hypoallergenic and ergonomic leg body support for your limbs that will allow you to have a soothing and relieving rest that will help your overcome the symptoms of this leg health problem.


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