Ever heard about Claudication?

Despite of not being a household name, Claudication or “limping” is another circulation problem you must be aware of. This circulation legs problem causes pain during physical activity that makes you walk with a gimp pace and is one of the most conspicuous symptoms of Peripheral Artery Disease.

Have you ever felt a striking lower back and leg pain while walking? You might have not have given much importance to it because this pain goes away very quickly. But, it can come back when you go on with your movements. 

First Signs and Symptoms of Claudication

- Watch your moves: While we are doing any exercise our muscles are being refueled with oxygen to work. But when our arteries are blocked, the oxygen they carry can not pass through, therefore the lack of oxygen causes big leg muscle pain. You may also present this problem in other parts of your body too. 

- When pain doesn't leave you: Intermittent claudication causes a pain that comes and goes as your oxygen supply comes up and down. The harder the effort, the harder the pain.

- When the condition gets more severe: Pain will remain even when you are resting. You will notice a change of color in your feet and toes, cold feeling and ulcerations.

However, many people attribute this to the normal aging degeneration and not pay much attention to it (it is most often diagnosed in older people). But, a visit to the doctor can change any eventual complications.

The doctor will review your medical history, physical examination and certain tests. For the physical examination, the doctor will check the pulse and feet circulation. He/she will take the blood pressure on your foot ankle and compare it to the one in your arms. Among the possible tests the doctor would prescribe are the Doppler ultrasound, X-ray and Magnetic Resonance.

What to do to prevent this condition

Lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking, reducing fats of your diet, increasing your physical activity and giving a special care to your lower limbs are an excellent way to prevent claudication. But also, there is Leg Wedge Pillow™ plays an important role in preventing claudication.

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