Lift up the Foot Drop

Foot drop is not precisely a disease, but the consequence of a more severe condition or disease. From this, it depends it is just a temporary nuisance, or either a permanent problem. We'll go on in the following lines with a better description of foot drop condition.

What is Foot Drop? 

Foot Drop is a neuromuscular disorder (nerves and muscles) that enables people lifting their foot at the ankle and the toes towards the body, which results in walking difficulty and a limp-like appearance.

It is fairly noticeable when the person rises her foot very high, like going up the stairs, that is why it receives the name of steppage gait or footdrop gait. These floppy dragging foot/feet make(s) it hard to walk because the walker can not control it/them. 

Causes of Foot Drop

Peroneal nerve injury is by far the most common cause of drop foot. This nerve is a branch of the sciatic nerve (chronic back pain); it goes along the lower leg from the back knee to the toes. It sends signals to the ankle muscle, feet and toes that are in charge of movement and sensation.

Drop foot is also detected in patients with degenerative disease as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Parkinson’s disease. Minor causes of drop foot can be foot diabetic, low back pain, stroke and toxic drugs.

For an accurate diagnose, your physician will prescribe a Magnetic Resonance or an EMG test, as well as a revision of your medical record and physical and neurological check-up. Being foot drop the manifestation of a major condition, this underlying condition should be treated first, consequently foot drop will be overcome. To cope with foot drop, doctors recommend the use of special shoes, foot drop splints or a foot drop brace to align the ankle foot and keep it steady.

Foot drop treatment demands bearing the special, shoes, braces or splint and other walking aids most part of the day can be really weary and uncomfortable. And most of them can not be worn during your sleep, and wearing them at home all day is just too much, so how can you keep your feet protected and relieved at home.

What to Do to Relieve Foot Drop

Finding relieve at home, when lounging on your sofa or resting in your bed is great, but doing it over the right footrest is absolutely the best.

You can feel good with your normal bed pillows piled up to prompt your feet, but it is way much better and efficient doing it with a foot pillow especially designed for this aim, to conforms your feet’s shape, to guard them and cuddle them while they heal from the effort they have during the day.

The same is with pillows; there are different types of pillows specifically created for each part of our body; thus when it comes to your feet and ankles, having with you a footrest is the right thing. 

A Very Effective Way to Relieve Foot Drop

You may feel good with a normal bed pillow but it is much better and efficient to do it with a foot especially designed for this purpose just for foot's shape, to guard them and cuddle them while healing from the effort they have done during the day. The Leg Wedge Pillow as a foot positioner relieves your ankles, heels and feet from the weariness of every day’s foot drop gait. There is no doubt that. Leg Wedge Pillow can help you recover from foot drop. Click in the link down below to relieve your foot drop now.


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