Hip Joint Pain

Hip joint pain is not as common as a leg injury, but it does happen with more frequency than we think. The hip joint connects the thigh bone to the pelvic bone. It is one of the most flexible joints in our body. It allows all the possible movements of our legs as flexion, abduction, rotation, extension, etc. That's why we should take care of hip joint. You'd better get informed about hip joint pain, so you can prevent and treat it.

Causes of Hip Joint Pain

Hip joint pain has many probable causes. The following are the most outstanding:
- Hip arthritis: Hip disease due to hip arthritis is the most common case. It is characterized by a strong pain in the groin area that can go all the way down the thighs to the knees. Sometimes it can be taken as back pain because of a pinching nerve on the lower back. Usually, this is treated with a hip replacement surgery.

- Tendonitis: This problem can appear in the tendons around the hip joint due to strenuous activity. This type of tendonitis is the iliotibial band (IB), a fibrous tissue that extends down the leg to the knee joint, which has stability due to in sync work of the IB and thigh muscles.

- Lumbar pain: Back and spine problems as sciatica (sciatic nerve pressure) and herniated discs in the spine can result in hip and buttock pain.

- Hip fracture: This case oh hip injury is more frequent in elderly people that suffer from osteoporosis. For this, the hip replacement operation is done with a metal hip replacement. 

- Muscular hip strain: Hip and pelvic muscles can get stretched, producing groin pulls, which is strain of the inner thigh muscles, and hamstring strains, the muscles that enables the extension of the hip joint and the knee joint’s flexion.

- Osteonecrosis: This means the bone collapses when an inadequate amount of blood cells reach the bone and makes its cells die. The most common place for osteonecrosis is precisely the hip joint.

Hip joint relates to different muscles along the leg that are important to perform our daily activities and prevent common sports injury. When the joint hip is affected, it shows through a continual pain that gets more intense at night, inflammation, redness, swelling, walking difficulty, inability to bend, and even infection.

How to Deal with Hip Joint Pain


The same as with heel pain, hip pain requires in first place of good quality rest. Actually, giving a recess to your hip can heal hip joint pain by itself, as this allows inflammation dissipate. You may also apply ice packs if you present swelling.
Hip pain requires in first place of good quality rest. Actually, giving a recess to your hip can heal hip joint pain by itself, as this allows inflammation dissipate. The Leg Wedge Pillow is the ideal support and aligner for you hips for you to have a healing rest that allows the self-recovery of your hip joint and surrounding muscles that are also affected by this condition.

Two great ways to overcome hip pain with your Leg Wedge Pillow:

- First, by using it as leg knee pillow or thigh pillow. Folded as an hourglass, this memory foam leg pillow, accustomed between your thighs or knees gets your lower back, hips, thighs, knees, ankles and feet comfortably straight to maintain the correct position, balance the weight of your body and avoids the pressure that might intensify your hip in pain.

- Second, using it unfolded as a leg spacer pillow you can stretch out and slope up your feet when reclining or lying in bed will promote efficient blood flow through your lower limbs, restoring their tissues, lessening swelling and the stiffness in your hip joints.

Relieving Hip Joint Pain with a Hip Aligner

There is a solution to maintain you free of hip pain. The Leg Wedge Pillow adjusts to your body shape to provide support and maximum comfort. Now you can live without hip pain thanks to this orthopedic memory foam pillow. Get this excellent pillow to start resting the way you want and forget about hip joint pain by clicking on the link below.


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