If you have got the bad chance of getting a broken leg, contusion, fracture or sprain you know you have to take special care for your legs, mostly at night when you want to rest the most, but have to lay on a position you are not used to.

Leg muscle injury

Depending on the degree of your leg muscle injury, you will have to stand a cast or splinter in your legs for certain period of time determined by your physician.

Having a leg in plaster is nothing out of this world because usually the leg gets totally healed and can allow you to continue with your life after the plaster leg cast removal, but in the meantime, the physical discomfort and the difficulties it gives to you to perform simple activities as taking a bath, getting dressed, going out, working, etc. become very hard.
When it comes to sleep, it gets very tricky to keep the leg in cast safe and sound all through the night because we usually tend to give some turns during our sleep. Besides this, there is produced strain and misbalance because of the plaster’s weight.

Relieving leg cast

What would you think of having a resistant but very comfortable support that helps you release the pressure of the leg plaster?
The Leg Wedge Pillow is precisely the support you need to manage your leg(s) during your recovery. Spread it as a leg spacer to keep your legs separated and properly lifted at the same level; or fold it in its hour-glass way to keep your sound leg free from the contact of the cold long leg cast of the other one. 

As you can se, the Leg Wedge Pillow can be very useful in this case because it is specially made for your legs health and wellbeing.

Forget about lumping pillows in your bed that will not give be up to your expectation, use the Leg Wedge Pillow and see for yourself the difference of sleeping over this wonderful dual purpose wedge pillow.