Ouch...Leg cramps!

Have you ever been waken up at night by a slashing stroke on your leg? Some people may get very nervous by this sudden stroke that seems having taken over your legs. This episode is a leg cramp, involuntary contraction of a muscle or group of muscles that can be very painful. It is a very common condition is people over 50 years old.

These leg cramps generally take place in the legs, especially in the calf muscles, while we are sleeping (night leg cramps), and they can last from just a couple of seconds up to ten minutes, but a leg sore may remain.

Night cramps may be misleading and being taken as restless legs, which is a neurological condition that makes your legs have a fidgety and creepy sensation. But they are different conditions that require different types of treatments.

Their causes are not very well determined, but it is believed to be originated by the leg muscle overstretching, staying in a bad sleep position, being standing up or sitting down too much time. Other uncommon cause of leg muscle cramps are: diabetes foot pain, endocrine disorders, dehydration, Parkinson’s disease, pregnancy, hypoglycemia, anemia, and the use of some medications.

When leg cramps become more frequent and intense, it may be a sign of a chronic disease of the motor neurons. These severe leg cramps may require a medical treatment base don the intake of quinine sulphate, though it has unpredictable side effects.

Preventing Leg Cramps

The following is a group of steps you can follow to prevent and avoid leg cramps.

- Release your legs circulation by placing your feet on a leg spacer while lying in bed or sitting down, stretching your calves.
- Keep your body hydrated though the day.
- Practice aquatic exercises that stimulate your blood circulation and workout your legs.
- Realize leg stretching exercises like standing 1 foot from the fool and leaning your body forwards, pushing your hands against the wall as far as you can.
- Ride a bike or stationary bike a couple of hours before going to bed.
- For sleeping, put a leg wedge pillow between legs to release the pressure and tension from your spinal cord, which constrains the bloodstream. It will also keep your legs aligned, avoiding your feet and toes pointing downwards.

By following these tips, you will be able to maintain you free of leg cramps. However, you may also know how to deal with in case you suffer it suddenly.

Dealing with Leg Cramps

These are steps you should take when you suffer a sudden leg cramp.

-  First of all, try to relax; otherwise you will block your mind and your body.
-  Extend your legs softly, and bend your foot toward your knee to straighten your calf muscles.
-  Wiggle your toes and elevate your leg.
-  Try to stand up and walk a bit.
-  Put an ice pack over the aching leg or take a warm bath or shower.

Now you are prepared to deal with a sudden leg cramp. However, you must consider that the best way to face a leg cramp is avoiding it. Therefore, read the following paragraph which shows the most effective way to maintain you free of leg cramps.

Live free of pain with no Leg Cramps

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