Sleep positions: The Side Sleeper

Your sleeping position is very important for your physical and mental health. People generally have three main sleeping positions: Side sleeping, back sleeping and stomach sleeping; considered the first two the most convenient.
Sleeping on your side is by far the most common position among sleepers. Whether on the right or left side, most of us change of positions all through the night.

Variations of Side Sleep Position

Side sleeping has certain variations, which include:
-Fetal position:
The most common of all. The sleeper curls up his body resembling the position of a by in mother’s womb: Both legs and arms flexed.
-Yearner position: The sleeper lies on her side with her with their arms extended in front.
 -Log position: The sleeper lies on her side with her arms on each of her sides.

Although each one sleeps in the position he feels more comfortable, most of us do not maintain a correct positioning during sleep. So, we should make the effort to maintain our spine, back and legs aligned to have a comfortable and painless sleep.

Sleeping Comfortably on your Side

The key of having a successful full rest sleep in this position is keeping your spinal cord properly aligned. When you lie on your side, there produces a misbalance between your upper body and your lower body, this can be compensated by simply placing a knee pillow between your legs.

Sleep during pregnancy may be a challenging task for the mom-to-be due to the pressure the growing belly is putting over her lower limbs that leads to as serious of complications like poor leg circulation, back pain, leg cramps, breathing reduction, and heartburn, among others that increase especially during sleep time. 

The Ultimate Support with Leg Wedge Pillow

The Leg Wedge Pillow stays with you all night long attached to your body as you swap sides in bed. For pregnant women, a knee support allows to ease the pressure the abdomen puts over the blood vessels of the uterus. This great pillow ensures you will wake up on your side feeling your body relieved, with no physical discomfort and headaches, which are the first consequences of spine misalignment. Click on the link below to get this excellent product and have a comfortable sleep from now on.


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