How can I prevent spider veins?

If you have noticed small red and blue veins bulging in your legs –and face too-, you have spider veins, which are named after their resemblance to spider webs. 

Spider veins appear most commonly in legs because they have the most difficult job of the circulatory system since they have to take blood from your toes towards your heart, and even resist the pressure of gravity and weight.

Varicose spider veins are triggered by hormonal changes, taking the pill, ageing, pregnancy, obesity, genetic predisposition, leg muscle injury, standing up or sitting down for many hours and sun exposure (facial spider veins).

A spider vein can be considered benign, since it generally does not lead to more severe conditions and it produce a slight discomfort than can be held out.

Tips to Prevent Spider Veins

Spider veins, unlike  vein varicose and other poor circulation in legs problems can appear in women and men from very early age (puberty). Due to this, prevention is major concern, though not all spider veins can be prevented, you can still take certain measures to avoid their progression as:


Spider vein treatments

There are several available treatments for spider veins. But you should seek medical advice, since your doctor may recommend the best treatment depending on your specific case.
However, you should always start with the less risky option, like the tips shown above, and go further to riskier options only if necessary.

Sclerotherapy: Very effective, it consists of the injection of a solution that swells the vein, gets them together and seal. It forms a scar tissue that disappears in weeks. 

Varicose vein laser surgery: A more modern method, laser sends a strong light right onto the veins, making them disappearing. It is ideal for people who are afraid or needles, but still you will feel the laser burning.

However, there is the possibility of spider veins to re-emerge because there is no cure so far for weak vein valves, so pressure can obstruct again the pressure of blood in veins. So, a smart way to get rid of spider veins is by reducing the pressure in legs, so that veins will maintain in their natural shape.

Use a leg spacer and ankle support to avoid spider veins

Reducing the swelling and discomfort of spider veins and varicose veins can be achieved by using led spacer and ankle support. Leg spacers help your spine to be properly aligned; also, a comforting ankle support elevates your legs relieving the pressure. So you should try a combination of both, depending if you sleep on your back or on your side.
Fortunately, there is an orthopedic pillow which combines the benefits of a leg spacer and also provides ankle support: the innovative Leg Wedge Pillow. If you want to know how to get rid of spider veins, then this pillow is the best choice. Click on the below to get this excellent product and avoid spider veins.


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