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For professional or amateur sportspeople, sports recovery time after practicing their favourite sport is precious. No matter the type of physical activity you do, giving a break to your body to refuel the batteries is always necessary to keep it at its best to give its maximum performance every time.

After sports recovery allow athletes to:

-    Give your body a rest to recover energies.
-    Reduce and prevent muscles pain.
-    Avoids blood pooling in veins.
-    Allows heart to get back to its normal cardiac rhythm.
-    Eliminate toxins that build-up in muscles.

This is particularly relevant for people who put their legs and feet under big strain as sprinters, soccer and football players, gymnasts, cyclists, or for extremely demanding sports as weight lifting and bodybuilding.

Good Posture and Recovery Time

In sports medicine, posture is a touch stone of a sports person overall physical condition. Maintaining a correct body posture involves besides the spine, all the groups of bones, muscles, ligaments and nerves that comprise the human structure.

In sports, there is always an underlying risk of injury, in some sports more than in other, and in some people more than in others. It all depends on which positions we perform. The consequences of these (misbalanced) postures are reflected first on our feet (foot pronation), and then goes al the way up all over the body: heel spur pain, calves, knee injuries, hip joint pain, low back pain, back and neck, producing different symptoms as pain, leg bruises, night leg cramps, tenderness, tightness, stiffness, numbness, tingling, headaches, strain, etc.

Therefore, by keeping a straight posture you will be preventing sports injuries, balancing your muscles, and gaining joint, muscular and nerve flexibility.

Reduce your recovery time and feel ready to go

To help sportspeople achieve this, we bring to you the Leg Wedge Pillow and Leg Pillow Spacer, two pillows in one to line-up your hips, legs and feet, to relieve postural stress and tension, and definitely cut down leg muscle strain.

After the natural worn-out of any sportive activity, nothing like a restful sleep to let your body get the repose it needs to get its vigor back, regenerate the cells of your muscles, heal injuries, normalize your cardiac rhythm, balance your hormonal functioning, and of course, keep the right positioning of your spinal cord to ensure your balance and physical condition.

Recovering from exercise and sports is now easier thanks to the orthopedic support provided by Leg Wedge Pillow™. You will fleel relaxed and forget about muscle pain. Just click on the button below get your Leg Wedge Pillow now!


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