Nowadays, almost all of us carry very busy lives because of our studies, carrier, family or any other occupation. With the daily grind the most affected part of our bodies are legs and feet, causing pain. But also, this can be triggered if you are under too much stress. Keep reading to learn some effective ways to overcome these two common problems.

Connection between Stress and Leg Pain

Stress not only affects your body, but interrupts your sleep patterns, creating vicious circles of physical and mental disorders that affect your performance and may lead to serious conditions. Besides, if you have to work standing up many hours and/or wearing high shoes, nothing more relieving than taking your shoes off relieving your feet and toes.

So, if you are stressed, your body is weaker and the leg pain will feel much stronger. If unattended, this problem can reach serious levels: problems in circulation, leg cramps, back pain, among others. That's why you should take the necessary actions to relieve both leg pain and stress. Here you have some useful tips you can use:

Relieve Stress and Leg Pain

-A warm feet bath with salts or essential oils for 10 to 15 minutes is a small domestic pleasure that reduces swelling, eases foot bunions and blisters, smoothes calluses and stimulates  circulation in legs.

-You can enhance this experience with a soothing leg massage done by yourself or a loved-one over your Leg Wedge Pillow™, which you can spread over your bed, a mat or any other surface where you like to lie upon.

-The Leg Wedge Pillow™ gives you the right elevation to your feet and legs to decrease the leg pain swelling as a result of the pressure and strain of work during the day.

-After the swelling goes down and you are getting ready to sleep, just by a small push with your feet, the leg spacer turns into a comfy hourglass pillow you can fit in between your knees to reduce the low back pain pressure that goes from your hips to feet. This way you will get a wonderful feeling when you wake up in the morning, you will feel with your body totally relaxed and renewed to face a new day.

With the Leg Wedge Pillow™ you are counting with a pampering leg support, a relaxation aid, and a reliable protection against leg cramps, pain, swelling, numbness and other effects of physical stress.

No More Leg Pain or Stress thanks to Leg Wedge Pillow™

Relax and enjoy the moment. Isn't it great to fall in bed, with your arms and legs loose, free from the pressure of tight clothes and uncomfortable positions all day long? Now you can be totally relaxed thanks to Leg Wedge Pillow™. This orthopedic pillow is specially designed to alleviate the pressure on your leg, feet and ankle during your sleep. So, you will be rest peacefully and wake up totally refreshed.

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