It's a Shame for You Not to Wake up Pain Free -
When These People Do It So Easily

Feel the pressure and tension release as your spine is properly aligned when using the Leg Wedge Pillow. While you sleep your back muscles relax and the stress and strain is relieved. With it’s hourglass shape this pillow fits between your legs and moves with you as you turn from side to side throughout the night assuring you a good night’s sleep. Elevate and relax as the supportive memory foam, covered in soft comfortable terrycloth and hugs and cradles your legs, the perfect combination for helping reduce the swelling and discomfort of varicose veins. Pressure points are reduced promoting better circulation, creating optimal blood flow to your legs and feet, reducing aches, pains and muscle cramps. It's a Shame for You Not to Wake up Pain Free -- When These People Do It So Easily

What Our Customers Are Saying :

I totally love the Leg Wedge Pillow - I am a side sleeper and since using this pillow I have been able to reduce my hip pain by at least 70%. It has been very useful as well after a long day on my feet. I use it in the open position to elevate my legs and it helps to relieve the cramping I get in my calves.

Dusty in California

It has worked wonders for me! I have been using it for a couple of months now and keeps my knees apart, stays in place, feels great, helps me sleep. This pillow works a lot better for me than the regular pillow I used to use.

Dean in Michigan

I like the Leg Wedge Pillow.  The pillow is great and keeps my legs from shifting while I sleep! I have sciatica and other injuries and for me this is a great natural pain reliever. It took me a couple of nights to get used to it, but not it is hard to sleep without it.   I like the comfortable cover, it is very soft against my skin, Thank you for making this product.
Cindy in Ohio

This pillows shape, it's dual purpose and softness makes it great! - I think the shape really helps it stay in place during the night. I place it above my knees, more on my thighs, and it works really well.  I also use it to prop up my legs after a hard workday and it really relaxes me.  Very affordable, two pillows in one.

Susan in Minnesota

I ordered the LEG WEDGE PILLOW in about my 5th month of pregnancy, after trying to use a very uncomfortable body pillow.  After a couple of nights with that terrible pillow, I made a decision to by myself a nice comfy one.   I found the LEG WEDGE PILLOW and I am  hooked.  Not only did it help me sleep better at night I was able to rest my feet in comfort too.  I am glad I found it.
Marie in Chicago


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